mpacTsys Industries

At mpacTsys, our professionals have developed expertise in the new paradigms in communication technologies specific to business domains. mpacTsys will guide and support your organization using tried and true communications technologies that are high-performing, cost-effective, and compliant, further ensuring success with converting challenges into profitable opportunities.


A nations greatest resource is in its healthy citizenry, which means that it is crucial to have effective communications systems improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of healthcare services. Patients, Providers, and Payers need to be able to trust the use of electronic health information and communication technology to securely and effectively capture and share confidential personal health information between systems.

mpacTsys performs system audits to ensure that the right technology is in place. We provide you documentation and best practices to share with your stakeholders. When implementing Information Technology in healthcare, do not allow insufficient capital to be a barrier for your organization. There is always a solution.

mpacTsys can lead you through the process of selecting from one of the many open-source systems that may be just as effective for your needs. We specialize in low-cost, boot-strap options that allow organizations of any size and capability to sufficiently and successfully harness the power of information technology, and proven best practices in healthcare. There is no need to wait. mpacTsys will help you understand your options.


Let mpacTsys be your technology partner in an increasingly digital world where technology is made obsolete by the nanosecond. If you currently have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implemented, we can help you improve your student services, and reduce your total cost of ownership of your technology by working with you to take advantage of emerging trends in communications technology.

If your organization is new to the world of ERP systems, we can provide you with a market analysis that includes the costs from the original RFP through maintenance and support, as well as the functionality analysis in order for you to make supported business decisions to ensure your ability to handle the administrative and academic challenges of tomorrow.


The business community is faced with new challenges and opportunities every day. Information systems and technologies transform, and support some of the most important market activities in the world economy. mpacTsys will help you get the most return from your Information Technology.

We help your organization with knowledge of any existing risks, and work with you to make sure that your technology resources are secure, and your business able to continue, by making sure that risk mitigation processes are in place.