mpacTsys Services

mpacTsys is the ally that you need to align your business processes with new paradigms for information technology. We will work with you to plan, manage, select, and design applications that support your business strategy to maintain your competitiveness in a fast-paced world.

We support the implementation and application of technology to improve work processes, and define new paradigms for information exchange. Whether you require project management support or business intelligence to provide detailed actionable metrics to support your project and product decisions, we provide you with the tools to meet your goals.

An organization must be able to develop risk reduction strategies, and implement policies and procedures to mitigate all types of risks. mpacTsys expert consulting services will help your organization minimize, monitor and control the impact of events that impact the financial success of your organization.

mpacTsys uses an effective training methodology to deliver just-in-time guidance and instruction to your employees and consultants. We offer a range of services that are specifically-designed in the areas of needs assessment, professional workforce development through in-person and web-based learning. We believe in teaching by doing using instructional technologies, situational learning, and collaborative work development.